C19 Relief Task Force Approves $5000 Project to Fund Start-up Capital for Family Promise to Add Evening Health and Security Monitor

 The C19 Relief Task Force recently decided to support a project which provides the funds necessary for Family Promise to add non-resident evening health and security services. The initial funds will allow Family Promise to hire a qualified person to perform the health and safety duties and then continue to fund the position with additional support coming from a reimbursable grant that they have qualified for. Explaining why this contribution is important at this time for Family Promise Terri Huffman,   Executive Director says, “Family Promise of Branch County was              established in Coldwater in 2000 to assist those that are experiencing homelessness. We historically have been a program that utilized churches and volunteers to house individuals and assist them with reestablishing     themselves in the community. Because of Covid-19 we have had to        redesign how we are housing those in need. We currently have rented a home and are housing single women, families and men with children. This has added different needs to our program which includes evening security coverage. This donation will enhance our ability to ensure our guests needs are being met and they are living in a secure environment. Family Promise is maintained through volunteers, grants and donations. Our community has blessed us with great support.”


This C19 Relief Task Force project is being funded by the Coldwater Township Sunrise Rotary Club ($2500) and the Coldwater Noon Rotary Club ($2500) and has been championed by C19 Task Force member the Branch County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


The C19 Relief Task Force was formed this past spring as a collaboration of most of the community support organizations in the area and has grown to include the Sunrise, Noon and Quincy Rotary Clubs, the Early Bird and Noon Exchanges Clubs, Kiwanis, Altrusa, the United Way, the Branch County Community Foundation and the Branch County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. To date this coalition has approved projects and       collectively funded over $42,000 of relief for acute C19 related needs that have arisen in our region.


Anyone wanting to learn more about Family Promise or wanting to donate to support this acute need can contact Terri Huffman at branchcountyfp@gmail.com.                                                                         

Anyone wanting to learn more about the C19 Relief Task Force can email George Babcoke at fenderbender01@icloud.com.

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