June 4, 2020

Covid-19 Task Force

Covid 19 Relief Task Force Collaboration Results in $16,275 donation to the Branch Area Food Pantry.

 As a result of the recently announced formation of the C19 Relief Task Force, a collaborative effort of the local community support organizations, the Branch Area  Food Pantry is receiving a donation of $16,275 to continue to battle the increasing food challenges for the regions most vulnerable people. 

This donation is the result of the initial partnership formed between the Coldwater Township Sunrise Rotary Club and the Coldwater Noon Rotary Club with each Club contributing $5000. In addition, another $6275 has been raised due to the efforts of Kiess Jewelry in organizing local small businesses and seeking support from private donors and customers. The result has been overwhelming. Kiess Jewelry is owned by Sunrise Rotary Club Member Brad Rockey who is also the leader of the C19 Relief Task Force.

The C19 Task Force has now begun to hold virtual meetings with many of the local community support organizations and agencies providing the needed services. The goals of the virtual meetings are to coordinate efforts, identify funding capability, early identification of the community needs and raising awareness within the community.

Anyone seeking to learn more about the C19 Relief Task Force, seeking to join the effort or who knows of a growing need in the community should contact Brad Rockey at (517) 617-8460, George Babcoke at (724) 553-9099, Randy DeGroot at (517) 617-8350, Jim Cole at jr-cole@live.com, or Valerie White at valeriewhite2012@gmail.com.

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