Support for iPad Donation to
ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital

The C19 Relief Task Force, a group made-up of almost all of the regional community support clubs and organizations has approved funding to purchase several iPads to support ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital’s behavioral health initiative. The project and funding are being led by the Early Bird Exchange Club with additional funding coming from carryover funds remaining from the earlier approved “Fun Face Shield” project. The Branch County Community Foundation will coordinate the
funding as they have done on past projects.

The iPads will be used to facilitate communication between patients that have been hospitalized and isolated with Covid 19 and their families when face-to-face contact is not possible. The iPads will be configured to support the patient communication platform and be compatible with the security protocols of the hospital’s IT network. Behavioral health issues are rapidly emerging as a concern and challenge as the global pandemic continues to impact the community, especially recently as hospitalization rates are increasing in the region.

The C19 Relief Task Force was formed several months ago as a collaborative effort to assess and address acute needs in the community as a result of the pandemic. The Task Force has funded several projects including support for the Branch Area Food Pantry, “Fun” Face Shields for most of Branch County’s pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students and the iPad project currently being sponsored. If anyone has any questions or has knowledge of an acute community need please contact George
Babcoke at (724) 553-9099.

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