Next Meeting July 14h, 2016

6PM County Anex

March 25th, 2010 the Coldwater Sunrise Rotary Foundation met to discuss which direction should be taken to control our assets. It is currently held at Charles Schwabb and is in a money market. Discussion led to investing the monies with Branch County Community Foundation.

We need to review our spending policy which is in our by-laws to make sure this is what we would like to continue with. Article VII details our plan.

Please look over BCCF’s investment policy to see if you would like to see our Foundation be invested this way.

The pros are being able to associate ourselves with them which would possibly lead to more donations to us.

Our monies could always be available should we decide to invest them differently.

Donors could stipulate that there donation go to CTSR while being able to receive the Michigan Tax Credit. These monies would not be available for us to be removed but we would receive the profits from the investments on these monies.